“BLUE CARPET” Ceremony will have theatrical moments and will showcase respect for the school’s community

Klaipėda Lyceum has been organising the “Blue Carpet” ceremony for over a decade. It’s a celebration where students, teachers and members of the community are celebrated for their various achievements. This year’s celebration will be special as it will involve exceptional artistic elements as well as a number of nominees.

Moments from the 2022 celebration

In celebration of children’s day – a special performance for the little ones

For the past several years the “Blue Carpet” ceremony took place under the open sky. This year, however, it will take place in the LCC International University “Michaelsen” centre.

Traditionally this event takes place over the span of two days. Students from primary grades will be commemorated during the celebration which will take place on June 1st. The youngest of Lyceum students will enjoy performances from the actors at the puppet theatre performing an exceptionally exciting performance “Of fish and men”, famous for its exciting and well-made decorations.

The director of the event Tomas Jašinskas has noted that this year’s “Blue Carpet” ceremony shares its day with the International Children’s Day, and so the celebration had to be exceptional.

“We wanted for our littlest students to have a vibrant celebration and so we are excited that Klaipėda puppet Theater agreed to participate in our event and, thus, liven up the celebration’s atmosphere.” – says T. Jašinskas.

Future first graders, who have graduated from preschool, will also participate in this year’s “Blue Carpet” ceremony for students in the Primary years of their education.

Moments from the 2022 celebration

Awards not only for the most academically successful

On June 2nd students from 5-12th grades, their family members and teachers will gather at the “Michaelsen”. During this ceremony laureates of various International, National and Regional competitions will be celebrated alongside Lyceum community’s most active members who had participated in social activities this year.

Laureates of awards such as Subject of the Year, Leader of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Teacher of the Year and others will be announced during the annual and traditional nomination ceremony.

Around 300 Lyceum community members, who had made Lyceum more famous through their results in various competitions and other meaningful social, art and communal activities, are planned to be awarded during this year’s “Blue Carpet” ceremony this year.

Moments from the 2022 celebration

An event showing respect for the school’s community

Klaipėda Lyceum principal Dr. Regina Kontautienė had stated that the “Blue Carpet” ceremony is a gift to the highly active and special school community.

“Klaipėda Lyceum is famous for its achievements in the area of studies, as well as an active and close-knit community. That is why this “Blue Carpet” ceremony is a tradition that has been going on for over a decade.

We wish for the members of our community to feel appreciated for their part in the communal, social and art initiatives which have had a recognisable impact not only on our community but the city as well.” – stated the head of Lyceum.

R. Kontautienė also rejoiced at the fact that the number of nominees is expanding each year and is, thus, becoming more relevant and meaningful.

The “Blue Carpet” ceremony that will take place in the LCC “Michaelsen” centre over the span of two days will also showcase artistic performances presented, prepared and performed by students, their parents and teachers.

This year’s event will be choreographed by choreographer, director and Lyceum pedagogue Taurūnas Baužas as well as Lyceum theatre teacher and event organiser Šarūnė Kazlauskė.

The “Blue Carpet” ceremony will take place in the LCC International University “Michaelsen” centre, Kretingos str. 36A, Klaipėda, on June 1st-2nd.