KLAIPĖDA LYCEUM Klaipėda Lyceum is one of the most highly rated schools in Lithuania, now in its 28th year of operation. It educates children from the age of 1,5 up to matriculation exams. Klaipėda Lyceum ranks first among all Lithuanian gymnasiums that do not perform selection of learners.
High academic performance and shared human values ensure that every learner succeeds in achieving their goals. Klaipėda Lyceum graduates go on to study at the world's best universities.


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Learning in a long school allows to know the child better as a learner and to respond more accurately to his/her teaching needs. The learner feels safer and freer in the community of such a school, and can reveal his/her abilities more easily.


National: pre-school, pre-primary, primary, primary and secondary education
International: Accredited International Baccalaureate IB MYP (grades 5-10), IB DP (grades 11-12) and currently accredited IB PYP (grades 1-4). Bilingual education programme in pre-primary education 
Complementary programmes: LIONS QUEST, a programme for biomedical, engineering, social sciences and arts, social emotional education


In 2016-2022, Klaipėda Lyceum ranks first in academic results among more than 360 Lithuanian gymnasiums that do not select learners.

In 2013-2022, Klaipėda Lyceum learners are the leaders of national and international Olympiads in Klaipėda city and in the country.


Learners of Klaipėda Lyceum successfully study at the best Lithuanian and foreign universities: Cambridge University (UK), University of Edinburgh (UK), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), London School of Economics, The Hague University (Netherlands), Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France), Kings College London (UK), Vilnius University, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas University of Technology and others.


Nordplus Junior Project participants’ visit a the Klaipėda Lyceum

57 International Nordplus Junior project “Finding identity in a digital age through culture, history and languages” participants visited Klaipėda Lyceum on May 21st-25th. Lithuania, Finland, Denmark and Sweden are currently participating in this project. On the first day of the visit, projects on the subject of ember from different countries were presented, team-building games were...

7-8th grade mathematician team won 1st place in the city

CONGRATULATIONS Klaipėda city 7-8th grade student integrated nature and exact sciences’ competition “Intellectual mosaic” 7-8th grade team: V. A. Virbalas, B. Pauželis, K. Safronov, E. Knieta – 1st place Teachers: D. Jančiauskienė, I. Čypė, V. Venckuvienė

IInd secondary-school student graphic art exhibition “Painting and architecture style elements. The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans”

IInd secondary-school grade students of Lyceum delved into the culture, art, architectural artefacts, their particularities and exceptional features; they gathered information, visual materials and performed. This knowledge was creatively utilised for the creation of visual art, currently displayed in the “Painting and architecture style elements. The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans” exhibition. We invite you...

We invite you to provide donations

Klaipėda Lyceum helps support various institutions and organisations in need in Klaipėda. We also invite you to provide support in the form of books and/or financial support to the Klaipėda Lyceum Library, 1.2% income tax part support to the school.

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