Meeting-afternoon with Aleksas Eugenijus Kulvietis

Describing this meeting with Aleksas Eugenijus Kulvietis in only a few sentences is a real challenge. Even though the Klaipėda Lyceum Spanish language teacher said he is a just a...

E. Latakas will be representing Lithuania in the International Geosciences Championship

CONGRATULATIONS 2022/2023 Lithuania Geosciences Championship: E. Latakas (IInd secondary-school) – 2nd place – will represent Lithuania and Klaipėda Lyceum in the International Championship. Teacher A. Andriulė

Young physicists will receive an awards during the “Blue Carpet” ceremony

These and other Lyceum students, teachers and members of the community will be celebrated during the “Blue Carpet” ceremony on June 1st-2nd (at LCC International University’s “Michaelsen” centre, Kretingos str....

Klaipėda Lyceum mixed ensemble of 6-12th grade students win Grand Prix!

CONGRATULATIONS International Competition “The Best” (Latvia): Klaipėda Lyceum 6-12th grade mixed ensemble: O. Daujonaitė, G. Zinkutė, K. Brazdeikis, A. Beniušytė, M. Kurlavičiūtė, V. Liautukaitė, L. Zinkus, B. Raila, A. Dambrauskas,...

We wish to congratulate the winners of the History competition Regionals

CONGRATULATIONS Lithuania Minor History competition Regionals for 8-10th grade students: T. Markauskas (IInd secondary-school) – 1st place, Teacher V. Pamparas N. Alškaitė (Ist secondary-school) – 2nd place, Teacher V. Pamparas...

Two 1st place placements in an International competition!

Festival concurs international de interpretare pian “Micul Virtuoz: aditia a XIV (Romania): L. Zinkus (6th grade) – 1st place (12-year-old group) J. Žvaliauskas (IVth secondary-school) – 1st place (19-year-old group)...

The Young physicists deliver great results in the Klaipėda Regionals

CONGRATULATIONS Klaipėda city 8th grade students Young Physicists Championship: B. Pauželis (8th grade) – 2nd place Teacher R. Rimkevičius V. A. Virbalas  (8th grade) – 3rd place Teacher M. Žadvydas

U. Gauryliūtė wins 2nd place in a Biology championship Nationals

16th Lithuania 5-8th grade students Biology Championship IIIrd stage: U. Gauryliūtė (8t grade) – 2nd place Teacher E. Jonikaitė

International Erasmus+ Project :Let’s learn from one another!” Participants’ meeting in Hungary

IInd secondary-school grade students (D. Girčytė, E. Jakštaitė, R. Chockevičius and M. Jučas) participated in the International Erasmus+ project “Let’s learn from one another!” activities in Mátyás Király secondary-school, in...
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