International Erasmus+ Project :Let’s learn from one another!” Participants’ meeting in Hungary

IInd secondary-school grade students (D. Girčytė, E. Jakštaitė, R. Chockevičius and M. Jučas) participated in the International Erasmus+ project “Let’s learn from one another!” activities in Mátyás Király secondary-school, in Hungary, on the 6-10th of May.

The purpose of this visit was for the students to acquaint themselves with the principles of creating sustainable development and environment. The participants of the project made their way to Patca Katica farm, where they were introduced to energy-saving technology, created postcards from recycled materials and a video on sustainable life-stock farms.

The students visited the city of Budapest, Tapolca karstic cave, Festetics castle during their journey.

We wish to thank the coordinators and the families who helped make this visit to Hungary possible, and for their whole-hearted care and aid while organising these activities.

Students were accompanied by project coordinator – L. Šmaižienė, and an IT teacher L. Vaitkūnas during this trip.