We wish to invite you to V. Arvasevičius lecture for parents “Children engage in teenager roleplay”

Lecture for 6-8th grade Student Parents

Consultant and Psychotherapist V. Arvasevičius

“Children engage in teenager roleplay”

As children begin their life’s journey they experience the environment around them and are influenced in their understanding of self. What and how influences a child’s identity? What should we pay exceptional attention towards? What are some of the most common behavioural and emotional forms of self-expression for this age group? What can and can’t they do?

These and many other questions will be discussed during the lecture:

The common sign of a child entering their teen years;

Behavioural and cohesive peculiarities – motives and reasons;

Difficulties and today’s circumstances that teens experience;

The role of technologies and digital content;

How do parents perceive their teenager;

Choosing best possible strategies for reacting to particular situations;

Algorithms for conversations with teens;

Overcoming the internal parental anxiety;

The most important statements made by parents to their teens;

The limits and boundaries of adult and teen worlds.