Student trip to the Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius

On March 17th, students from grades 7th b, 8th grades a, b, c and MYP went on a trip to Vilnius, where they participated in an orientation game. While wandering around Vilnius old town they acquainted themselves with the city architecture – architectural monuments, cultures of other nations, valuable monuments included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list of immaterial cultural heritage, and searched for hidden signs and places.

The students continued their trip in the Energy and Technology Museum, where the Museum guide told the students about the ways in which energy is converted, various sources of energy, such as solar, wind, water and nuclear. The students found out about a person’s relationship with energy and how the interactive museum exhibits function, how technological obstacles are overcome and how quants of energy are generated.

The excursion ended with an educational programme, during which the students met with curious ambitious people who have proven that even accidents can lead us to great inventions.. There are many individuals like this in the history of technology – Joseph Pressley who discovered several gaseous materials, one of which is carbon dioxide; Charls Thilorier who discovered dry ice, which provides us with opportunities to conduct many exciting scientific experiments, and provides us with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cooling agent;  William Perkin who strived to invent medication preventing malaria an synthesised the first ever synthetic dye mauveine. The students participated in interesting experiments together and found out many things during the educational lecture “Happy accidents – experiments in a lab”.