Today, the final bell rings for our graduating class!

Dear Graduating Class of Lyceum,

Today, on this beautiful first day of summer, your lives are filled with youthful excitement and joy, the unknown and hope, idealism and dreams.

Not long from now you will be attending your Final exams, will say goodbye to your school, which encouraged you to explore the world, to know yourself, to understand what is real and what is valuable.

You will be met with new challenges – sometimes you will have to search for solutions, which you have been not taught, but I believe that you – the young and wild – will be eagerly accepted by our open world.

I wish to wholeheartedly wish you not to fear trying, to look at the difficulties in your life with creativity, to change these difficulties into opportunities and to, most importantly of all, listen to your heart.

I wish to genuinely Thank You, for Your talents, achievements and aptitude with which you grew and lauded the Liceum name.

May the best Universities of our country and the world welcome you – taught by professionals and Teachers who love their job, may you make your Parents proud.

I genuinely wish to congratulate you on the day of the Last Bellring, I wish you luck taking your exams, and may you find your way in this world!


Dr. Regina Kontautienė