Meeting-afternoon with Aleksas Eugenijus Kulvietis

Describing this meeting with Aleksas Eugenijus Kulvietis in only a few sentences is a real challenge. Even though the Klaipėda Lyceum Spanish language teacher said he is a just a simple man several times during his presentation, his social action says otherwise. The legacy of Abraomas Kulvietis who was one of the founders of Lithuania’s written word carries on.

Even though the Kulvietis family was not spared by fate – they had to leave Lithuania – the appreciation for Lithuanian culture never faltered. Aleksas Eugenijus Kulvietis, born and raised in Colombia, did not forget his Lithuanian origins. Even whilst living far away from Lithuania he began making wayside shrines. The teacher fell in love with the art of cross-making after he found his grandfather’s cherished sketches and crosses that were already made.

As of today we have had the pleasure of attending several exhibitions of Aleksas’ and his grandfather’s work, and participation in global Lithuanian community activities.

Thank You, Aleksas, for sharing your story and Thank You for being a great example who encourages people to love and cherish their culture.