We would like to share some memorable moments from theatre lesson

The Little Klaipėda Lyceum students were visited by the now-fifth graders who have missed theatre lessons and had prepared a game of Charades. 
The children watched their new teachers with excitement and joined into their organized events. The students acted in these various situations, tried to guess the other team’s words based on their physical demonstrations, collected and counted their points and ate some delicious cookies. 
During the lesson, the students also commemorated the International Popcorn day and watched the mesmerizing movie “Encanto”. Finally, through the process of playing a narrative-driven game they got to meet the real character of the movie – Mirabel – who had lost her old glasses and, wearing new ones, saw the world through lenses of the opposite. Through hard work and the exceptional powers of the children Mirabel finally found her glasses and got to go back home to her beloved Madrigal family.