Principal Regina Kontautienė’s Holiday Wishes

Dear Klaipėda Lyceum Community,

Easter – a wonderful holiday celebrating life and faith.

This day is like an eternal spring from which we can all gain some peace or strength of spirit. This is a holiday when we share our most wonderful feelings, when we encourage and inspire one another.

The Easter Holiday bells, announcing the news of Resurrection, encourage us every time to not be afraid – there is no such obstacle which we could not overcome together.

I wish to thank you for your sense of community!

May the Easter eggs and bunches of yew and willow bring warmth and colour into our homes.

These are my wishes for you, Lyceum community – I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

                                                                                    From the bottom of my heart

                                                                                    Your Principal,

                                                                                    Dr. Regina Kontautienė