Business entrepreneurs, the Statkevičiai, on children’s education: „Children are taught to study and learn, and not simply to attend school because it is mandatory”

Klaipėda city has more than 30 institutions of primary and secondary education. However, people, raising children in Klaipėda, are still met with difficulties when making the important choice of where their children should receive their education. All these parents want their children to not only receive a quality education close to home but to receive their education in a safe and supportive environment which will nurture their talents and the best qualities of their character.

Renata and Audrius Statkevičiai – local entrepreneurs – had to deal with this conundrum of choosing a place of education for their children years ago, and are now overjoyed with the decision they made years ago, and today’s results.

The decision was made based on reviews and personal goals

Renata and Audrius’ Statkevičiai – the owners of the “Max Coffee” cafe chain –  daughter Lukrecija came to Licėjus in 2013. According to  R. Statkevičienė the decision for their daughter to study in Klaipėda Lyceum was made because of the positive reviews of the private school.

“We knew back then that Klaipėda Lyceum teachers are committed, individual learning philosophy is advocated for, and the students have the opportunity to develop and display their full potential” – says R. Statkevičienė.

Lukrecija’s father, Audrius, excluded similar reasons for educating here, while also adding that it is necessary for students to have a continuity of learning in the same place of education.

“The main reason why we chose Klaipėda Lyceum was because children could begin matriculating here from preschool, which made their transition in the school – acquainting themselves with the learning process and rules – much easier. The teachers see the children since they are little, and assure the continuation of the learning process throughout the entirety of the 12 years of school. It is also important to take note of the fact that Klaipėda Lyceum has a strong sense of community and makes sure to include both the students and their parents into the process of making events, etc. This is how traditions, which foster togetherness are born”. – These choices are mentioned by the businessman, and newly-elected Klaipėda city council members as well as telecommunication company “Bitė Lietuva” regional manager of sales in the West, A. Statkevičius.

12 years of growing together with the institution

Audrius and Renata Statkevičiai opinion is that Klaipėda Lyceum has changed over the past decade, and that their family has had an opportunity to closely observe and participate in the passing changes.

Klaipėda Lyceum school became an International school, where the International Baccalaureate programme is currently applied.

The growing pains and joys of Licėjus are most evident and clear to the Statkevičiai eldest daughter Lukrecija. This secondary-school-grade student is active in the school’s life, and, this year, has become the student council president.

“The school has definitely become stronger throughout the decade. The environment has changed drastically – modular classrooms, higher quality individual learning is available to the students. The new International Baccalaureate programme has been established.  The students have also started participating in many exchange programmes, and students from other countries can be seen roaming in our school’s halls.” – the 17 year-old secondary-school-grade student shares her observations of the changes.

According to Lukrecija’s father, Andrius, when their eldest daughter started attending the school the high expectations and demanding goals made them worry a bit. However, the results have far surpassed their expectations.

“When our eldest started attending Lyceum, we definitely felt a little worried about how the school was going to progress, and whether it would be possible for it to achieve its goals. Nevertheless, as ime went on we realised how quickly the school was developing and how, because the classes have fewer students, the teacher can see all of them, and can provide direct help for the students. It is very important that students who are taught here are taught to study and learning, and not simply to attend school because it is mandatory.” – A. Statkevičius says.

They would not change the place of education

Currently, the youngest of the Statkevičiai family – Kotryna – is attending Klaipėdos Licėjus. The 13-year-old student is also very active in the school’s activities – is a member of the Little Lyceum senate, and contributes to the planning and organising of various school events.

“I like the Lyceum community best in our school, because everyone works together and are extremely friendly. My most favourite subject is biology. This class is taught by teacher Eglė Radzevičė. I believe this class is my favourite, because of the teacher and her approach to leading lessons. In general, I really like Lyceum and I would never want to transfer to a different school” – says Kotryna.

Leadership qualities were nurtured

Businesswoman and Klaipėda “Rotary” club “Aditė” member Renata Statkevičienė said that one of the most memorable moments for their family was when their eldest Lukrecija was campaigning for the Student council president.

“This one event struck a chord with us – when our eldest daughter became our school student council president. Lukrecija participating in the “Erasmus” programme and the foreign “Erasmus” programme student reception was – these were also pivotal important moments of our daughter’s life in the school.” – the mother of two our Klaipėda Lycejus students said.

R. Statkevičienė also highly values the events organised by the school, especially the Christmas charity event “Christmas fair” – that gets whole families involved.

According to the Statkevičiai, Klaipėda Lyceum has contributed to the nurturing of their children’s leadership qualities and sense of community.

“This school encourages our children’s sense of leadership, does not limit them, and directs them towards their goals. As children learn and participate in being a part of the school’s community they can express their best qualities.” – A. Statkevičius, the father of the two girls, shared his thoughts.

“Lyceum employs teachers that teach with love and support. They care about the child’s psychological and emotional well-being. A lot of attention is given to the education of students in the way they should behave and communicate, and the school administration constructively deals with problems which may arise. That is why I can definitely say that Klaipėda Lyceum is a place where students of all levels of abilities and skills can find a place.” – states R. Statkevičienė.

  • Klaipėda Lyceum has been operating for 28 years so far.
  • In 2021 m. Lyceum officially became an International school.
  • Klaipėda Lyceum has been first amongst the rest of the country’s high schools who do not carry out student selection processes.