Competition „Best storyteller”

Various story-teller told stories at Klaipėda Lyceum on the 20th of April.  3rd-4th grade students created performances around the plot of select well-known stories. The students divided roles amongst themselves, learned the words, rehearsed, selected the best accessories, acted and watched performances of other groups of students.

We remembered many stories with the children – Turnip, Tin Soldier, Wizard of Oz, Girl with Matches, Chick and Rooster, Thumbelina, Red Riding Hood, The three Piglets, Sleeping beauty.

The committee chose the best storyteller and the most interesting rendition of a play. We wish to congratulate the 3 a and 4 r teams of students. It was enjoyable to watch Your performances, your creativity and efforts. Next Thursday we shall see the performances of 5th graders.