We wish to congratulate the winners of the History competition Regionals


Lithuania Minor History competition Regionals for 8-10th grade students:

T. Markauskas (IInd secondary-school) – 1st place, Teacher V. Pamparas

N. Alškaitė (Ist secondary-school) – 2nd place, Teacher V. Pamparas

G. Andriuškevičius (IInd secondary-school) – 2nd place, Teacher E. Sereičikas

A. Vainorius (8th grade) – 3rd place, Teacher E. Sereičikas

A. Berleta (8th grade) – Letter of Commendation, Teacher L. Elertienė

S. Lajauskytė (1st secondary-grade) – Letter of Commendation, Teacher V. Pamparas