This year’s Christmas event slogan “More light in our hearts” has been fully realised!

During this year’s 19th annual Lyceum Christmas event project, as usual, donations for helping Klaipėda’s children were collected. In addition, the classes also competed amongst themselves for who would collect the most points. The goal – to encourage people to do good deeds: to gift handmade toys and cards, visit their grandparents, animal shelters, collect donations during the “Christmas fair” and beautify the school’s grounds. Points were awarded to students for all of these good deeds, and classes, who had collected the most points, were awarded school-established prizes.
This year, all the classes tried to participate in the events of the project, competed with enthusiasm by doing goods deeds, and those who those with the most points were: 7 D class (3rd place), 6 MYP B class (2nd place) and I BIO class (1st place).