Nordplus Junior Project participants’ visit a the Klaipėda Lyceum

57 International Nordplus Junior project “Finding identity in a digital age through culture, history and languages” participants visited Klaipėda Lyceum on May 21st-25th. Lithuania, Finland, Denmark and Sweden are currently participating in this project.

On the first day of the visit, projects on the subject of ember from different countries were presented, team-building games were played, embellished woven sashes were created in art class using the monotyping technique .

On Tuesday educational events took place – students created rings at the smithy, attended a presentation on the varying regional traditional attire and woven sashes at the ethno-centre, learned about the eber road in the Klaipėda Keep museum.

On Wednesday the participants of the project spent their time learning about Lithuanian folklore and mythology. The students visited Nida, climbed the Hill of Witches.

We wish to wholeheartedly than the students:  Lėja K., Liudvikas V., Adomas Č., Eleonora K., Meda K., Andrei K., Evilija Ž., Izabelė K., Jogailė N., Izabelė M., Milda K., Barbora Š., Rugilė V., Lurdė Ž., Adelė R., Benas S., Marijus R., Edvinas D., Beatričė Š., Nida N., Andrea B., Adrija B., and their parents for their care and help making the project events possible.

We wish to thank Lijana Šmaižienė, the coordinator of the project and other teachers – Toma Šlimaitė-Bubelienė, Saulius Lukonas, Aušra Niparavičienė, Lukas Vaitkūnas, Inga Navickaitė and Darius Grabys for their help creating the project’s programme.