National young programmers (5-8th grades) Competition “Futurist – 2023”

The National young programmers (5-8th grade) competition “Futurist – 2023” took place in Klaipėda Lyceum for the second time on May 2nd. 53 students from 11 different schools (Klaipėda Vydūnas secondary-school, Klaipėda student self-expression centre, Klaipėda Tauralaukis primary school, Klaipėda Vitės primary school, Klaipėda reg. – Priekulė – Ieva Simonaitytė secondary-school, Vilkaviškis Salomėja Nėris primary school, Klaipėda Pajūris secondary-school, Klaipėda Navy Cadet school and Klaipėda Lyceum) participated in the competition.

The participants participated in three categories – programming Scratch, Programming using Python and Programming using C++. The participants demonstrated their excellent knowledge, focus and original solutions to problems. The participants of the competition received diplomas, certificates of appreciation and prizes provided by the sponsors of the competition.

We are proud to announce the winners from Klaipėda Lyceum:

1st place programming using Python – G. Nagreckaitė (8th grade)

1st place programming using  C++ – E. Knieta (7th grade)

2nd place programming using Python – S. Balčikonytė (8th grade)

3rd place programming using  Python – G. Katkevičiūtė (8th grade)

3rd place programming using C++ – A. Pargaliauskas (8th grade).

We wish to thank the sponsors of the competition – shopping centre “Akropolis”, software company “B1.lt”, Klaipėda city pedagogue education and culture centre, Klaipėda Lyceum, Klaipėda University, Kaunas University of Technology and Klaipėda swimming pool.

We wish to thank the organisers of the competition – our IT teachers I. Rupšienė and L. Beniušienė.

We wish to share moments from the event. Photographer R. Žygus.