Mathematics Week is starting!

Klaipėda Lyceum Mathematics week programme

                                                                                    13th March, 2023 – 17th March, 2023

  1. 13-17th March Mathematics project activity “The intricacies of the Science of Mathematics”

Participants: 6-8th grade students. The presentations of Mathematics projects will take place during Mathematics lessons.

  1. 14th March Competition “How many digits do you know?”

Participants: Ist-IVth secondary-school grade students. First round – Room 302, after the 4th period, Finale – IIIrd floor foyer, after the 5th period.

3. 14th March Baked-goods fair “兀 snack”

Participants: IInd secondary-school grade students. The event will take place on the Ist floor foyer, after the 4th and 5th periods.

4. 15th March Competition “Mathematics exercises”

Participants: IInd secondary-school grade students. The competition will take place in the auditorium, after the 4th period.

5. 16th March International Mathematics competition :Cangaroo:

Participants: 6-8th grade students and Ist-IVth secondary-school grade students. Competition will take place according to a separately announced schedule.

6. 17th March Project “Bridges” presentation

Participants: 6th grade student. The project will take in the 2nd floor foyer, during classes.