Celebration of expressive reading

During an afternoon of expressive reading we had some expressive reading virtuosos join us – two boys named JOKŪBAS, GODA, UGNIUS, AUGUSTĖ, RŪTA, DANIELĖ, LIEPA, ADRIJA, AMELIJA, KONSTANTINAS, PAULA, UGNĖ. These students challenged their nervousness, trembling of legs and anxiety. They also challenged their stage fright.

These students of lyceum filled up the assembly hall with listeners! You are the virtuosos, the poetry, drama, prose. You are the MARGARITAS, the GODAS, KUNDERAS, you are the DON KICHOTES, the HERCULES, making their way back to ITHACA… We are proud of You.

We wish for the best of luck in the city-level of the competition to R. Mockutė (7 grade), D. Kozlovaitė ( Ist secondary-school grade), P. Panfilova (IIIrd secondary-school grade) and U. Šimonytė (DP1 secondary school grade).

We are already looking forward to next year’s EXPRESSIVE READING AFTERNOON.