Klaipėda Lyceum team in the Professor K. Baršauskas Physics tournament

Klaipėda Lyceum team of students made their way to Kaunas on March 4th, where they participated in a Prof. K. Baršauskas Physics tournament (held since the year 1996) at the Kaunas University of Technology. This traditional tournament is one of the most esteemed amongst Physicists. It is no wonder then that the participants came from all over Lithuania – from big cities and many various regions.

During the event Lyceum 8-10th grade students (8th graders – E. Čeponas, K. Kaziūnaitė, G. Nagreckaitė, B. Pauželis, S. Pleskovas, D. Pužauskas, A. Žiūra, Ist secondary-school grade students – A. Česas, S. Lajauskytė, B. Šimkutė, IInd secondary-school grade students – T. Kemundris, E. Mėlynytė, V. Prialgauskas, K. Vekteris, R. Žygus) solved championship Physics problems. After intense work in the auditoriums – writing, measuring and calculating – the students had the opportunity to observe exciting demonstrations in a KUT auditorium, presented by scientists on the subjects of silence, physics laws and phenomena.

After the competition it was revealed that five Lyceum students were given diplomas of commendation: B. Pauželis, G. Nagreckaitė, B. Šimkutė, R. Žygus ir E. Čeponas.