Easter in a shoebox – gift Easter to the Ukrainian children

We wish to invite you to participate in the charity

“Easter in a shoebox – gift Easter to the Ukrainian children”

“Little people who do little good deeds in little corners of our world are slowly affecting the face of our world.” – Writer, Vanda Juknaitė

Advice on what we can gift a child:

  • Chocolate
  • Gummy candy
  • Vitamins for children
  • Candy
  • Toys
  • Puzzles
  • Constructors
  • Cars
  • Bracelet-making kits
  • Coloured markers, a colouring book
  • Power bank
  • A gift of your own choice

WE WILL BE COLLECTING GIFTS TILL MARCH 27th. The gifts have to be packed in a decorated shoebox-size-box.

We recommend you add:

A letter with your best wishes that would end with a line : Write back if you have received your gift” and your email address or whatsapp. Pay attention that your conant information is not necessary. We also wish to inform you that you might not necessarily receive an answer or information on the problems with connection in Ukraine. However, trying to connect with people is still encouraged.

If possible, search for people who could help you with the Ukrainian version of your letters, people knowledgeable both in Lithuanian and Ukrainian languages, on “Lietuva padeda Ukrainai ” page, or google translate your letter.

Gifts will be distributed in Ukraine, Doneck region. The region is located in East Ukraine and is arguably the most touched and damaged by war and has been receiving the least amount of humanitarian aid.


Do not gift-wrap your gifts as all gifts will be checked for safety reasons.

The gifts should be brought to Religion teacher R. Oželis, Ethics teacher A. Labanauskas or to room 308 to the Vice Principal I. Navickaitė.