Who reads and writes, doesn’t ask for bread

On January 30th fans of the Lithuanian word met during a nice event dedicated to the encouragement of improving one’s writing skills as well as the commemoration of the upcoming day of St. Agatha.

As the participants wrote the dictation they were transported to an old village, they smelled the air filled with the scents of uneven linden trees and sun-touched chestnuts, they felt the little piece of bread crust nestled in the palm of a little boy…They not only experience the feel of the scene, but also tasted the flavours of freshly-baked bread with honey spread. Perhaps this moment of closeness that brought everyone together is what created a little miracle – the dictations were completed almost flawlessly (only a few mistakes were made).

We gladly present the winners of the dictation competition:

The Klaipėda Lyceum mum most proficient in writing – Dovilė Antonovičienė.

The Klaipėda Lyceum student most proficient in writing –  Elzė Mėlynytė.