Commemorating Book-hawker Day

Book-hawker day is commemorated on the 16th of March. Klaipėda Lyceum 6th-grade students set out on a literary journey. The acquaintance with the author of the first book published in Lithuanian began with a change of scenery as the students traded their school desks for the wide-open doors of the Martynas Mažvydas National library in Vilnius.

The moment when the 6th-grade-students, having travelled the book roads, touched the facsimile  of the “Catechism”, a book of hymns, released in the XIXth century by Raguva Church’s metrics, was full of excitement and curious questions.

Being around 7 million book editions on the birth day of Jurgis Bielinis, a book-hawker, was the best bit of proof that this arduous path, which had cost many people their lives, was worth taking.