Klaipėdos licėjaus direktorės doc. dr. Reginos Kontautienės sveikinimas su Rugsėjo 1-ąja/Klaipėda Liceum principal, Dr. Regina Kontautienė’s, wishes for the first of September

Dear Lyceum Community,
September is taking its first steps again, gifting us a joyous and meaningful celebration of
Knowledge and the Sciences. May this year’s goal be the success of each student as we
nurture the eternal values – honesty, love for our country and the sense of citizenship.
2022-2023 is the Year of Citizenship!
Dear community, I believe in You and I trust you to ensure that our efforts will aid in our school
remaining a source of citizenship.
Dear Teachers, I believe that, with the help of your love, you will guide students down the road
of learning and discovery. Find the key to every person’s heart by helping them blossom, find
meaning, experience life and to learn.
Dear Students, may the new school year be full of exciting experiences, new knowledge and
finding joy.
Dear Parents of our students, you are an important part of the school’s community. Help the
children find their true values, encourage them and steer Them in the right direction. Trust your
children, the teachers that nurture their skills and do not doubt that when cooperation is
introduced – people’s talents blossom quicker.
May our school be a place where personalities, thirsty for knowledge, meet, but also a place for
deep spiritual friendship.
Good luck this 2022-2023 school year!
Your Principal Regina