Direktorės dr. Reginos Kontautienės sveikinimas/Principal Dr. Regina Kontautienė’s wishes

Dear Liceum community,

The time when Christmas will knock on the doors of our homes and our souls is coming!

The glistening Christmas Star will be our tender light of  Home – patient, invigorating, encouraging us to come together.

As we break our Christmas wafers, let us all find a good word to say to one another, let us share, inspire and support each other .

Let us remain kind to those around us, and to those whose kindness is our only support and hope. Let us listen to one another and hear what others have to say. I wish to respectfully thank each Student, Teacher and You, the Dear parents of our Students. Colleagues, I wish to thank you for your trust and faith, for the best solutions collectively-decided-on solution for solving the issues ahead, for your honest wish to learn and to teach, for your simple acts of human kindness, empathy, for your ability to apologise and be forgiven.

I wish to thank you all for your work, achievements and creativity as they strengthen our Lyceum – you are the true creators of the institution!

I wish for our Lyceum to be the lighthouse of hope for all…

Dear ones, may we have Light in our hearts, a hopeful Christmas morning. I wish for peace and love in Your homes!

May the most beautiful Holidays of the year make us more resilient.

May 2023 be peaceful, and a year of health filled with respectful citizenship!

From the bottom of my heart, Your principal Regina