The conference to include and unite students and scientists took place in Klaipėdos Licėjus

On 20th of January the conference to include and unite students and scientists, by the name of “Social, economic and geopolitical challenges in Lithuania and the world. 2020-2021 in review”, took place in Klaipėdos Licėjus. The conference was meant for the evaluation and overview of the latest events that have been extremely meaningful and that have made a great impact on the status quo of the world population’s every-day life and order – the Covid-19 pandemic, the lost war in Afghanistan, migrant crisis provoked by the Belarusian government, UK’s Brexit, the worldwide Chip crysis and all the other multitudes of events that have changed the lives of people globally.

During the conference scientists, such as Prof. Dr. Eduardas Spiriajevas “International tourism and global immensity: what will the future be like?”, Prof. Dr. Vaidutis Laurėnas “Lithuania – the antithesis of globalization to uniqueness of civilizations.”, Associate professor, Dr. Daiva Labanauskaitė “Economic transformations: what should we expect in the post-covid era?”, Associate professor, Dr. Daiva Verkulevičiūtė-Kriukienė „Will our Earth become one big city? The global tendencies of growth and development in cities.”, History teacher and expert Vaidas Pamparas “Problems caused by the largest historical migrations.” shared their insights with the students and teachers of Klaipėdos Licėjus.

The idea to unite experienced scientists and specialists of their fields with generations that have yet to begin planning their future – the students of Klaipėda city – amazed pedagogical experts from all around Lithuania who attended the conference online.

The partners of the event who provided appreciation gifts for the participants were Klaipėdos Akropolis, Klaipėdos dramos teatras, rock climbing centre Scala Dream.

The organizers of the event, when preparing and defining the goal of the conference, were relying on key skills necessary for the coming generation – development of critical and logical thinking, support and argumentation of a held opinion as well as the encouragement to comprehend that we are all citizens of the same world. It was also touched on how globalization has made any event from any corner of the world seem and feel like a personal experience for us all. This conference, which has connected University speakers, the city’s students and the teachers from all over Lithuania, became a beautiful beginning for further projects that will seek to develop competencies in the social sciences.

Professors from Klaipėda University not only shared their scientific insights but also highlighted some of the best announcements:

The nomination for the best scientific project was given to Klaipėda “Vėtrungės” secondary school’s students who prepared a presentation – “Biological growth in Klaipėdos city’s bodies of water.”

The nomination for the most original project was given to Rokas Benikas and Jokūbas Viršilas’ presentation “The indescribable Lithuanian ‘courage’.”

And the nomination for the best project was given to Liudvikas Kazlauskas and Rapolas Žygis for their presentation called “Worldwide chip crysis”.