January 30, 2023


Klaipėda city-level stage for the Lithuanian and foreign Lithuanian school 9-12th/Ist-IVth secondary-school grade students: E. Mėlynytė (IInd secondary-school grade) – 1st place. Teacher Ž. Kairienė M. Taraškus (IVth secondary school grade) – 1st place. Teacher A. Norkienė G. Zinkutė (IIIrd secondary-school grade) – 1st place. Teacher R. Galdikienė E. Latakas (IInd secondary-school grade) – 2nd...
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Sometimes, during a class, teachers like asking their students really strange questions while encouraging their young-minds to think and ponder. This strange question about a white sheet of paper and a teacher’s chair, asked during a Lithuanian literature class, led the students of the I g. class to the KKKC Exhibition hall, where they participated...
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