We invite you to Gabrielė Zinkutė’s (IInd grade) art show

We invite you to take a look at Gabrielė Zinkutė’s, IInd class, humble art show “Background Music” (Kretingos g. 44, 2nd floor foyer).

These graphic drawings were designed for Jokūbas Žvaliauskas’s, a III grade student’s, copyrighted piece: diptych “Preludes” for keys and the paintbrush. We congratulate Jokūbas, who participated in the Xth annual Republic Music competition, Klaipėda city level, and won 1st place. We wish the best of luck in the Republic level.

The copyrighted piece and it’s background illustrations can be heard and seen here:

Music teacher Aušra Niparavičienė, art teacher Lina Pridotkienė.